PostHeaderIcon Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS It's All-Ride

[ Integrated Marketing Communication ]

For the launching of new Bajaj light sport motorbike, we have been trusted to handle its test ride event. We created from the “It's All-Ride” product tagline and promotion materials, such as print ad, brochure, flyer, flag chain and banner, the test ride concept until handling the campus-to-campus Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS test ride.
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PostHeaderIcon Let our freshness blooming you

[ prelude ]

Feel exhausted with your daily routine and still try to find out the way to run from this boredom? Let us suggest you to play with our mind for a while. Now, imagine an orange, a fresh one is in front of your eyes. Is your mouth start watering yet? This is an absolute fact that once you’ve seen or pictured the color or form of an orange in your mind, it directs you with its power to stimulate your brain to move your other senses around.

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PostHeaderIcon 45 tahun Kompas 2010

celebration event - ambience - brand activation ]

click to enlargeThe 45th anniversary of Kompas daily in 2010 celebrated with photo exhibition, gala dinner and also musical drama performance titled 'Diana'. To handle this celebration, Kompas appointed us to fully organize it. Located in Jakarta Convention Center, we created a special ambience that presents the 45 years of Kompas remarkable journey and made an unforgettable experience to all invitees and visitors through the programs of this celebration event.

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PostHeaderIcon Martha Tilaar Beautifying Indonesia Convention 2010

event - brand activation ]

This is the Biggest Beauty Convention ever held in Indonesia as the celebration of 40 years journey of Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar cosmetic. This one massive particular unique event is combining three kinds of different activities. A formal grande opening event, three complex seminars that presented by beauty expertises, and a spectacular closing ceremony that incorporate the latest technology in sound, visual and multimedia.

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