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We are started our journey in creative industry as creative division of Dyandra Promosindo, the leading and biggest exhibition organizer in Indonesia. Thus as a part of Dyandra & Co. automatically we are also become a member of Kompas Gramedia that made us have many privileges in media placement. In the way to accelerate our performance, we are enriched our top-to-toe marketing communication service by generating a solid business alliance with other companies under Dyandra & Co. management. Dyandra Promosindo, Radyatama, Samudra, e-Mall, 1st Computer Square, Debindo, Gramedia Expo and Dyandra Media International are few to mention.

According to our plan to extend our scope of business, recently we are succeeding to obtain a strategic partnership with Caldecott. Caldecott is a production house company with their rich experience and expertise in film or TV commercial making. Obviously, this partnership brings the fresh breeze in our wholehearted existing services.

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