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annual report book - graphic design ]

Buku Laporan Tahunan is an annually report published by Bank of Indonesia. For the last 2 years, our proposed theme has been selected to be the winner of the project tender. We are also trusted to design and produce these books.

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PostHeaderIcon Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Profile Book

Profile Book - Graphic Design ]

The Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (Multimedia Nusantara University or well-known as UMN) is promising to bring the inspiring change for tomorrow with information technology education based. To translate this promise, we create an exceptional launching concept with the serial teaser ad in Kompas for 3 days by only showing the change that technology has brought to simplify our daily life and what the coming technology can do for us with the big question mark. The serial print ad ended by the visual of the identity and the welcoming note from Mr. Yohanes Surya PhD, the world famous Indonesian physician and also the dean of UMN. We are also trusted to handle the opening ceremony of UMN and to support the promotion activity we created the profile book of UMN.

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PostHeaderIcon Foodmart Gourmet Product Catalog

Profile Book - Graphic Design ]

Foodmart Gourmet is a sophisticated food and groceries supermarket with the upper-class food andgroceries shoppers as their primary target that provides the numbers of exceptional imported food andgroceries products. Foodmart Gourmet itself is an enhanced form of Foodmart, one of Matahari food business unit. In order to promote their products, Foodmart selected us to be their creative partner inmaking the three-monthly product catalog. We conducted the art direction for the food stylish, lay-outing, copywriting and also printing this catalog for a whole year.

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PostHeaderIcon Metland Logo Standard Manual Book

Profile Book - Graphic Design ]

Metland or formerly known as Metropolitan Land is one of the distinguished property developers inIndonesia. Recently, Metland has rejuvenated its corporate identity, not only to have a new look but also to increase the modernity image for this company. And in order to unify the application of its new identity, Metland appointed us to create a standard manual book. This book will be the trusty guidance for Metland in applying its new identity on its entire project sites, both housings and industrials.

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